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This application calculates the quantities of monomers, cross-linkers, initiators and templates according to user input. While all efforts are made to verify the accuracy of data (molar masses and densities) the user is expected to check the results of calculations for themselves before performing experiments based on the results of this application. Checking is especially important when using user-defined data. Mipdatabase.com is not responsible for checking the accuracy of user-defined materials. The results of this application are for guidance only and mipdatabase.com cannot be held liable for failures in experimental practice or procedures. Note that polymerisation of vinyl monomers is exothermic and excessive scale or insufficient means of dissipating the heat of reaction can result in explosion. For this reason the maximum scale is limited to 100g.

Polymer calculator: Calculates the masses and volumes of monomer, cross-linkers and initiators given the required total mass and molar ratio (or mass ratio) of the selected composition

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