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Reference type: Journal
Authors: Alexander C, Andersson HS, Andersson LI, Ansell RJ, Kirsch N, Nicholls IA, O'Mahony J, Whitcombe MJ
Article Title: Molecular imprinting science and technology: a survey of the literature for the years up to and including 2003.
Publication date: 2006
Journal: Journal of Molecular Recognition
Volume: 19
Issue: (2)
Page numbers: 106-180.
DOI: 10.1002/jmr.760
Alternative URL:

Abstract: Over 1450 references to original papers, reviews and monographs have herein been collected to document the development of molecular imprinting science and technology from the serendipitous discovery of Polyakov in 1931 to recent attempts to implement and understand the principles underlying the technique and its use in a range of application areas. In the presentation of the assembled references, a section presenting reviews and monographs covering the area is followed by papers dealing with fundamental aspects of molecular imprinting and the development of novel polymer formats. Thereafter, literature describing attempts to apply these polymeric materials to a range of application areas is presented. Copyright 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Template and target information: Review - MIPs
Author keywords: molecular imprinting, molecularly imprinted polymer, template polymerization

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